Below you'll find a breakdown of my latest work in progress.

The Fairy house

The idea is to design a fairy house as a part of a fairy town. This fairy town will be placed when finished in the garden.

For this design I will be using Rhino to design the mechanical parts and house parts and ZBrush for designing the

textures on the walls roofs and other parts of the house, to give it a realistic look.

For the printing I will be using the Formfutura wood fill filament and of course the Ultimaker 2.

The challenging part of the design is the printing, this house will be bigger than my build plate and thus I need to

figure out how to assemble the parts after the printing. This is also important in reducing the amout of filament that I

need for printing. I suggest that printing the wall seperate and join them after the printing I can reduce the amount of

support material.

I started this design last week (August 2015) and there is lots of work left.

I Need to:

in Rhino:

- Design the 2nd floor, windows and wood structure

- Design the roof and roof tiles

- Design the (working) water wheel)

- Design the walking path

- Design the connecting parts

- Design the chimney

In ZBrush

- Texturing and detailing all parts

- Sculpting wood structure on all the wooden parts

- Sculpting the stone structure on all stone parts

In Simplify 3D

- Set up all the print variables and positioning on the print bed.

And last but not least assemble and finish the model, I suppose for a perfect result I need to finish the model using

paint and polish techniques.

House left side
House left side
Water wheel
Water wheel
House front door
House front door

Wooden path
Wooden path