The Wind Spinner

made for Autumn weather

The Wind Spinner

Inspired by the weather in this Autumn season I wanted to nail the design of an illusional wind spinner.

The design is quite straight forward. Keep the clearance rules for desiging moving parts in mind, minimum clearance

using PLA is 0.2 mm in my case. This depends on the material you use so before you make your final design try this out.

I made the design in Rhino 3D and designed the parts laying flat on the surface. Every blade is 0.2 mm apart from the

other blade.

If you choose to design the spinner as one solid piece with all the blades positioned in the final position, this is

possible however it means you'll get a lot of support structures to print along.  

This first attempt was a small design (7.6 cm square, 1.5 hours of printing 0.1 mm layer height), to find out wether or

not the clearance is working and the parts can be moved to the right position after printing, but not that loose that

the wind will adjust the spinner at the first blow. In that occasion a little glue would do the trick.

After nailing the design basics for a wind spinner and printing the part with PLA white Colorfabb, I'm really excited.

So new and perhaps more intricate will follow.

I am also considering painting the wind spinner with metalic paint or glitters to give it an even more illusional look.

Or perhaps try other material like the bronze fill and polish the spinner.

Below you can see the wind spinner in action.