About me

I am Janet and from the beginning of 2015 I dived into the world of 3D printing. Always been interested in art, drawing and designing, however never had the time to do that. Actually this changed and I had plenty of time to start the Things I Love To Do (TIL2D).

In January this year I bought my own 3D printer, an Ultimaker 2, and like I was told merely plug and play, untill……… Yes 3D printing is in the early stages of being plug and play but still there is a lot to discover. If you start with it and than you'll find out, after your first (definitly) not state of the art designs, that either your desings aren't suitable for 3D printing or that the material you want to print is a bit sturdy and that's where the challenging tweaking journey begins. You can download loads of 3D desings on the Internet and print them. I found that not quite pleasing, that's more like printing others holiday photo's and hang them on your wall. I wanted to make my own 3D designs and it is definitly more fun and it is a great kick to see them grow on your printer.

However I didn't had any 3D design skills at all, never been working with a CAD program or what so ever. Another challenge ahead.

So in the past 6 months I've learned a lot and thanks to the Internet you can find almost everything, but still you have to combine things you read and adapt to your own situation. And this is why I started this website to share my findings and display my learning curve of 3D design and 3D printing.

I hope that you get enthousiastic too and that your prints come out in a better shape.